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GoLive EOL
GoLive has been discontinued - what now?
MenuMachine 2.2.1 available
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GoLive 6 users can still buy and use MenuMachine 1.

MenuMachine 2 User Guide


User Guide download link

The comprehensive User Guide has been created as a PDF for your convenience to read offline or print. (90 pages)

Click to view online or download the zipped .pdf file.

10MB online pdf

5.6MB .zip

Version info

User Guide revision 2.1.
Last updated June 6, 2006

If you have download problems, contact support.


Revision history:

1.0.3 page 18 (Global Mode), page 73 (Frames)

1.0.2 page 16 (Themes)

1.0.1 page 33 (Open and close effects)